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Shoe Care


FEMME LA strongly recommends that our customers consult a professional shoemaker for specific care advice.

In order to keep your FEMME LA products in good condition, we advise following the below care instructions:

Ensure you peel off the clear protective membrane that covers the entire outsole prior to use. You may need to air out heels to release any orders associated with materials or dyes used. 

Heels are handmade therefore their may be differences or variances. If you do find threading on laces for the Luce or other styles you can just cut the excess thread with sharp sheers, this is not an error or fault in the heel due to their handmade nature. 

  • Keep the vegan leather area clean and dry using a dry soft cloth;
  • Always store your products away from light and heat;
  • Protect your vegan leather goods from rain, liquids and moisture;
  • Store your products in the FEMME LA dust bag provided to you when not in use;
  • Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces.
  • Avoid flooring imperfections, holes, escalator grooves or any other surface area where your heel shaft can get caught in and damage or remove the heel entirely. Gently remove heel minimize damage. 

    Vegan heels although durable are not as durable as leather materials. Clubbing, pool parties, or wild night out may not be the best options for these heels. Keep that in mind but nonetheless if you do decide to wear them please do ensure to avoid liquor or any water substance on the heels. Avoid walking on grass or soil surfaces. 

    Heel tips are provided in your shoe box along with a dust cover. 

    Please email us if you have any question or concerns prior to placing order. 

    We do not cover replacements from improper use or damage while wear.

    All heels are hand made to order, ethically made and cruelty free.